JimJimJIm you are eating OUR Bears. They belong to ALL of us. Why do you live where you do? Free Food? and a) Yes I do know, the meat we ate last night came from the Farmer(s) at the Saturday Market at the CLE grounds b) Yes, we’re friends now as they are ‘organic protein producers’ in the area and we like to support local Farmers and their Families so the money stays in the community c) it looks like they flash froze those yummy Beef Sausages, 4 in a pac, if they are fresh, they get wrapped in butcher paper d)their Beef animals are ORGANICALLY RAISED (am I saying that loud enough for you Jim?) which means only the initial antibiotics are used incase of infection when they are castrated and the animals eat grass in their fields and breathe fresh air and the sun shines warm on their backs, and Yes it is always a tough day when the chosen ones leave to the Abattoir.

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