CDC officials said STD rates are rising at a time when many of the country systems for preventing those infections have eroded. In recent years, more than half of state and local STD programs have had their budgets cut, resulting in more than 20 health department STD clinics closing in one year alone, the CDC said. In 2014, the number of chlamydia cases also rose to record levels..

The family hopes their efforts at Ashby St Mary, near Loddon, will boost the coffers of local charity The Big C.But for the past two years donations left by passers by have gone to the Norwich based Big C appeal in appreciation of the support it’s offered Margaret and her 36 year old daughter, who lives nearby in Kirby Bedon.”We raise money because we pray that one day they will find a cure,” said Margaret.”We’ve all been affected someone in the family or someone you know will have all been affected by cancer.”The grandmother of one, who has lived in the village all of her life, was diagnosed with breast cancer following a routine mammogram two and a half years ago.After an operation to remove the tumour, she had to undergo a month long programme of radiotherapy every day.A year later, her daughter was also admitted to the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital for a radical hysterectomy after a smear test revealed cancer of the cervix.”That was a really bad year for us and not knowing whether everything was going to be ok for her,” said Margaret.”You’d look at her little boy who was then four and I kept thinking, ‘Oh keep positive,’ and it did turn out to be ok that was good.”Despite the family’s dark time, Margaret says she will never forget how the charity helped them through.”You could get any support you wanted if you asked them for it,” said the 66 year old.”Our daughter went to Pandora’s Box where they show you make up because you lose a lot of colour in your face, and they’re very generous because they give you the products afterwards.”She had counselling and they try to help you come to terms with it and get over what’s happened to you.”The traumatic experience means Margaret is eager to share a serious message with those tempted to skip health check ups.”People say, ‘Oh, I don’t bother to go,’ and I say, ‘If you don’t go you must be crazy because the minute they find it you are treated’ pandora charms,” she said.”With my daughter as soon as they found it she was taken up to the hospital, talked to and she was treated very quickly. They were brilliant up at the hospital.”Weeks of workFixing all the lights around the house and garden means Roy is outside every day from the end of September.The former Colman’s chief engineer puts up around 300 illuminated large Christmas scenes and decorations and runs a kilometre of cable around the site, but he is making one concession to ease his workload.”I’ve decided this year that at 66 I’m not going up on the roof again so the lights on the roof will now stay there,” he said.While preparing the Christmas lights takes a lot of physical effort, their electricity bill also takes a hike with a addition to their energy bill.Roy joked: “I’ve said to Margaret can I just put the money into the charity and we’ll not have all the hassle but she says no. I’m not allowed to do that.”Margaret added: “It’s something that we do for the village, and the people in the village and the children.”The Roebucks will turn on their illuminations in front of around 40 local children at 5.30pm on Sunday, 5 December.

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