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Fake Handbags Rangers fans’ group writes to Holyrood to oppose new law aimed at tackling sectarianism and bad behaviour in footballCeltic’s chief executive Peter Lawwell is a vocal critic of the ‘strict liability’ legislation and Club 1872 has now waded into the row by urging Parliament not to pass the Bill. Share16:44, 6 MAR 2017Updated16:46, 6 MAR 2017Cops push Hibs fans off pitch after Cup Final against Rangers but Club 1872 don’t want clubs to be punished for rogue supporters (Photo: Daily Record) ShareGet daily updates directly to your inbox+ SubscribeThank you for subscribing!Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid EmailAn influential Rangers fans’ group has written to Holyrood to outline their opposition to the planned ‘strict liability’ law designed to tackle sectarianism and bad behaviour in football.SNP MSP James Dornan is trying to push the new legislation through the Scottish Parliament in order to make clubs fully accountable for the behaviour of their supporters.The Glasgow politician put forward his private members’ Bill in the wake of the Cup Final riot at Hampden last May when Hibs and Rangers fans clashed on the pitch.The SFA took disciplinary charges against the clubs but the charges were dismissed by an independent judicial panel.(Photo: Daily Record/Callum Moffat)Dornan believes the failure to punish Rangers and Hibs highlighted the need for a new law that would put the onus on the clubs to be responsible for the behaviour of their supporters.However, under ‘strict liability’ clubs will be punished if their fans step out of line no matter the circumstances.Proponents of the move believe it will force fans to improve their behaviour when they realise the clubs they love will be hit hard by large fines, the closure of stands for future games or even be deducted points.However Designer Replica Bags, many within the game are against the proposal. Celtic’s chief executive Peter Lawwell is a vocal opponent of the concept.Anti sectarian campaigners Nil By Mouth call for change as fans lose faith in the systemHe previously said: “My own view is no, I would not bring it in at all Fake Handbags.