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Jannuzi Clothing designs, develops, and produces a distinctive line of apparel and accessories which it markets under that Jannuzzi name. Rose Jannuzzi founded Jannuzzi beginning with a line of hand embellished women’s tanks in May 2005. The first shipment sold out in three weeks and her customers raved about the quality and style.

Not a peek of voluptuous Kate Upton on these glossy pages, uh uh. The nudies are all elite athletes, if not all particularly well known from sports coverage and most of the coverage has been removed, save for some modesty minded props and cunningly devised poses. Perhaps the hard body roster would have gone all in or all out if asked.

Mr. Orton died in 1986; Mrs. Orton in 2010. Yes, the summer is here and you can hear the sun, the pool, vacation, the beach calling. And the bathing suit, that swimsuit, the bikini maybe. But are you ready? You are online, you have teed up the famous site with all hot 2009 swimsuits but can you pull the trigger? The choices are amazing.

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