Jails recently began charging inmates new phone rates, including a $3 flat rate for calls that last up to 15 minutes. That amounts to a day pay for a prisoner who has a job on the inside.Phone calls, allowing inmates to keep an open lifeline on the outside to family and friends, used to be essentially free.But now prisoners who can pay are out of luck unless they have a family willing to foot the bill.was kind of a shock, said William, a Winnipeg resident who didn want his last name used.His brother is inside a provincial correctional facility and would talk to the family up to an hour a day.price basically went from zero and, under what he was calling previously, it would have been about $700 per month, he said.can do half of what he was talking previously, which is still about $350 a month, which is definitely tough to afford. Phone system is operated by Texas based Synergy Inmate Phones which also provides service to correctional facilities in Alberta, Saskatchewan, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia.A coalition in Saskatchewan is fighting the phone fees in jails there.Synergy wouldn confirm the fees are in place in other provinces.of contractual restraints, I am not at liberty to discuss any details with any of our provincial accounts, wrote Synergy Canada president Charles Slaughter in an email.Alberta charges a $1.25 flat fee for 20 minute local calls and $1.75 for collect calls.Saskatchewan hasn confirmed what fees it has in place.is not the first province for this to be implemented.

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