But now in this global era, Americans are increasingly lumpimg gypsies in with Europeans, and Europeans aren’t exotic. People who really want to believe in stupid superstitions have to look to places like China, which has feng shui (sounds more like “phone shway” than “fang shooey”). Feng shui is a really really complex bunch of rules for organizing your house or business or sex dungeon or whatever..

It takes exactly 81 minutes to tell an 81 minute story, which only sounds like a gimmick. Jesse has to catch a plane. But the larger tension is that these former lovers are beginning to recognize the natural deadline of age.. It is also his attempt at beating the kind of mass produced world we live in, he says. “There’s no poetry any more in outfits. This cape, for instance, has taken about 1,800 hours of embroidery by hand.

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