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Canada Goose Outlet Shortly before heading south for San Francisco, Jonathan Kauffman laid down his predictions about what food trends would be big among the foodies and hipsters of the Pacific Northwest (peanut butter, fermented pickles), what trends had crested (marrow bones and PBR) and what would be the next big thing (macaroons, apparently, and high end hot dogs). And just recently, while writing my wrap up of the Seattle Weekly Voracious Tasting event, I found myself struggling to find a word that properly described the style of cooking represented by the tiny foie gras torchons with brioche tuille and rhubarb jelly being slung by the boys from Spur. Small, sauceless, standing in bold opposition to the steamed vegetable and water minceur style that ran counter to it, this single bite of blissfully good and fiercely controlled food could’ve easily served as some kind of porn y food centerfold in the June 1983 edition of Gourmet magazine. Canada Goose Outlet

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