Event Management

Event Management is a fast-growing business sector in the region and White Media has successfully organized large scale events. We plan, organize and manage events such as concert, festivals and conferences.

White Media Advertising Agency organizes and manages events for International and local Singers, which are based on the international standards and with the high quality, according to the needs of our clients. White Media has great experience in this field and has been able to organize and manage various events.

Production of Television and Radio Advertisements with the best and highest equipment, including high-end
cameras with one of the best skilled & experienced staff in Iraq.

Publishing of TVC’s and Radio Advertisement on all popular TV and Radio Channels for the lowest price during
the golden and standard airing times.

Behind every successful event is one fundamental element,

outstanding management

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About Us

We are a regional and limited company in the private sector. Our focus is on the production and publishing of advertisement and is limited to South Kurdistan.

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